Signature Classic < Lung Kong Main & Tak Ku Ling Branch >

Pan Fried Beef Bun

Our famous dish goes with special beef ingredients, which is crispy & juicy.
Hot & Sour Soup

There are bean curd, black fungus, shredded beef, shredded tripe & bamboo shoot in the soup. It could be one of the best soups you ever try in your life.
Curry Mutton

The unforgettable flavor & tenderness make this dish very popular throughout the year.
Scallion Pancake

It is wonderful to have the both crispy & soft spring onion cake to go with all kinds of curries.
Chicken w/ Sesame Sauce Oil Sauce

This thumb-up dish at a reasonable price…is a must try!
Assorted Cold Dish (Shank/Tripe/Tendon/Chicken/Ox Tongue)

The five elements…spiced beef shank, tripe, tendon, sesame oil chicken & jelly fish/ ox tongue- a perfect combination for all seasons.
Stir Fried Beef Slice w/ Leek

Leek & beef marinade give a rich taste that overwhelm the whole mouth, specially create for those who love strong flavor & wonderful texture.
Mutton Slice & Bamboo Shoot w/ Red Pepper in Chili Been Sauce

Crispy bamboo shoot plus tender mutton, more or less hot & spice available, don’t hesitate to ask when ordering it.
Chicken & Wonton Soup in Casserole

The finest ingredients stewed for many hours, wow…yummy, yummy!!!
Curry Ox Tongue

The incomparable ox tongue texture plus special ingredients turn out to be a masterpiece.
Curry Beef Brisket Bean Vermicelli

The aroma of curry & juicy beef brisket with bean vermicelli in soup which is definitely a product not to miss!
Fried Prawn Ball w/ Chili Sweet Sauce

Fried big prawn ball with chili sweet sauce is one of our signature dishes in satisfaction guarantee.
Fried Rice & Mixed Meat w/ Chili Bean Sauce ( Islam Food Specialty )

With the best ‘halal’ meat & special ingredients mix with our homemade chili sauce bring out a legend.
Shredded Chicken w/ Bean Vermicelli

Shredded chicken & bean vermicelli with sesame sauce is another famous mouth-watering appetizer at our restaurant.

After taking one bite…you’ll be rushing back for more, guarantee…it’s a perfect starter for all.
Mutton Spring Roll

With a secret & special recipe, it combines mutton & crispy spring roll sheet…MUTTON…so unique!
Mutton w/ Cumin Powder

The aroma of cumin powder goes with mutton which is an exquisitely compliment for crispy sesame roll.
Deep Fried Boneless Lamb Chop

Spicy deep fried lamb chop serve with special homemade sauce …adorable by all ‘Lamb Addicts’
Fried Prawn Ball & Rice Cake w/ Cheddar Cheese

The freshest ingredients & the most innovative style have made this fusion dish become all time great.
Fried Prawn Ball w/ Mashed Salted Egg Yolk

Deep fried prawn ball coated w/ mashed salted egg yolk makes you savor the flavor of each mouthful.
Ling Fillet Stewed w/ Seasonal Vegetable

Thick ling fillet & fresh seasonal veggie will be the healthiest selection for all weight watcher.
Fried Garden Green w/ Egg Topping

Lightly flavored ingredient w/ assorted veggie plus a hat-shaped egg on the top…give you a taste of freshness.
Steamed Beef / Mutton Dumpling

Beef dumpling is always welcome, while mutton dumpling has a super flavor.
Lamb Jello

With crystal-like appearance, couples with the rich & fresh taste of mutton serving with pickled turnip, it is a must-eat appetizer.